Magnolia Nature Reserve

Magnolia Nature Reserve

Magnolia Open Space Nature Reserve is featured in Issue 30 of The Hawkwell i, vollunteers are required to help with managing Magnolia Nature Reserve and conservation project. Anyone interested should contact the Clerk, Parish Office, Rear of Hawkwell Villiage Hall, Main Road, Hockley.

Photos, comments and info to follow

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  1. claire halton says:

    dear sir or madam,

    if you are open to volunteers, i would like to give you a hand with the reserve and conservation projects. i am passionate about wildlife and conservation. i am based in hockley and i would be happy to do any task whether it is clearing a pathway or even monitoring the wildlife that live in the area.

    thank you,
    claire halton

  2. geoff says:

    Hi Claire, if you contact Rochford Council and ask for their Woodlands department I’m sure they would be keen to register you for help.
    Many thanks

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