Gusted Hall

Gusted Hall Woods, Gusted Hall Lane, SS5 4JLGusted-Hall-woods

Many people may wonder where Gusted Hall Woods are. They back on to The Keddies Estate, aka The Lawn function room, Rochford. Don’t wander into the well fenced off area as they hold paintball games here and you might get shot! 🙂 You may come across Bluebell Wood with it’s thick ‘blue carpet’ in spring. Take a camera and get some terrific shots! They also link up with Hockley Woods, and Grove Woods. In fact you can walk from Hockley to Eastwood by cutting through this area, flanked by oil seed rape fields of golden yellow.Gusted-Hall-Lake

Gusted Hall Lake

Access to Gusted Hall Woods is just off the Main Road Hawkwell near Potash Nursery. You will see a long straight road heading up into the fields, this is Gusted Hall Lane, the Postcode is SS5 4JL. Just follow this, and you will find limited parking at the end of this road. Walk straight down the main path through the trees, and turn left as soon as you walk over a bridge and stream.

Take the wrong path and you will have a fence to negotiate!
















This route will take you past a nature reserve area, and on to a recently created lake, made by excavating a huge area and damming the stream! Dogs love to swim in the lake but please be on guard if there is excessive weed as dogs have become tangled up in it. New bridleways link this area to Cherry Orchard Way.Gusted-Hall-Lake-Ducks
Enjoy exploring Gusted Hall, Cherry Orchard Park with it’s Nature Reserve, and Hockley Woods!

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