Bridleways in Hockley

A friend of mine, experienced in horse riding, has some questions regarding bridleways and bridleway routes in Hockley Woods. “Some route signs have ‘vanished, and you loose the trail”, she told me. That inspired me to put this page together! After all, I’m trying to link cycling clubs and Ramblers, so why not the Hockley Equestrian fraternity!

If you have any comments or news as a Horse Rider, or member of Hockley Equestrian Centre please contact me and I can post useful information here to share with others. If you have any issues or suggestions regarding signs for Bridleways in Hockley Woods please respond here.

Equine Photography

Martin Ellis, a local professional photographer has been snapping away lately and taking some great shots of riders and their horses. He has a facebook page which you can take a look around here
Martin Ellis Equine PhotographyMartin-Ellis-Equine-Photography

If you would like to find out more, and possibly book Martin to attend one of your outings around either Hockley or Belfairs Woods for a one to one photo shoot, please visit my Facebook page for contact details. Thanks!


3 Responses to Bridleways

  1. michelle peacock says:

    hi i have horses & ride up the often also use to take my lorry there ok not very often but understand now limit is 3.5 tonne .i have ridden up there for years maybe 30.last time i went up there my horse did slipp & now understand you are advised to get of ur horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. geoff says:

    Hi Michelle, Thanks for posting. It doesn’t make complete sense but hopefully fellow horse riders will know what you’re referring to.

  3. Julia Wood says:

    If riders are being asked to get off and walk their horses across the car park, would it not be possible to have 2 Mouting blocks put in. One near the exit of the car par to get back on before going out and one the other side of the car park inside the Woods! I’ve had to use the picnic tables to get on my 17hh chap…I was riding side saddle at the time I might add.

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